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Why Should I Embed SEO Audit Tool On To My Website And Give Away Free SEO Reports?

Today, conversations in the digital era have moved from big data, the concept of managing significant data quantities, to data lakes or data warehouses. With technology impacting many industries and verticals, marketing shouldn’t be left behind.

If you are servicing clients by enhancing their organic search metrics, chances are you would be using a host of tools and add-ons, each having its report format by generating multiple data points. We have seen this in our work across industries, and it becomes inefficient for us to collate the data from critical parameters and create a final report to present updates on the subject’s web performance.

Let’s introduce the SEO Audit Tool. By creating a central console that taps into the number of SEO monitoring metrics that is only limited by how far you want to take your integration efforts, some of the world’s leading marketing software firms have not just offered unprecedented insights into key SEO gaps missed by web marketers, but have generated millions of leads for their ecosystem.

Today, implanting the tool on your website is a matter of writing a few lines of code and getting started. But wait! We’ll give you a few more reasons, so the next thing you do is to have this tool as your biggest marketing weapon:

Analyzing My Client’s SEO Performance Is Just A Click Away

SEO Performance
A report by Borrell Associates predicted that the 
SEO services spend in the US would touch around $80 billion by 2020. Unfortunately, some of this spend doesn’t return the expected yield, with there being chances of inaccurate measurements, excess experimentation due to lack of concrete metrics, and so on.

If you are in the business of digital marketing services, your benefits of using an SEO audit tool are two-fold: extracting hidden strengths and weaknesses with your client’s search strategy, and proactively building a sales pipeline by identifying areas of opportunity in their SEO journey, with your prospects.

Generating unlimited free reports requires just a click and a couple of minutes for the software to do its magic. By rendering the bulk of the reporting responsibilities to the tool, you can free up some time to work on critical tasks that have been pending for long.

Offering a Customized Report for Free Grabs Attention

Web marketers and SEO specialists are always looking out for innovative or insightful means into their SEO strategy, to identify what is working and what they are missing out on. Today, even with the free tools available in the market, it is possible to head in the right direction to optimize a target website up to a certain extent.

The concept of a non-paid incentive that is now transitioning into the ‘freemium’ model, where users can “first play and then pay,” has worked wonders. In our scenario, grabbing eyeballs by offering a ‘free trial,’ securing the lead’s coordinates for future reference, and most importantly, offering a customized report that leverages the power of your SEO reporting is bound to land you with massive interest.

From there, you can filter the most promising leads, identify websites with potential but bad SEO mapping, and target their SEO team to offer your services.

No more worries on how to build it

SEO Audit tools today are offered with many feasible parameters and metrics to assess websites, which requires some effort into building it. While you might be able to build a customized version, given the technical capabilities of your match team, vendors today offer the same tool that is a turnkey solution to be immediately deployed and used from the day of purchase.

What’s more, such solutions are offered with customization means, so it finds the narrative and objectives of your websites. Now the benefits don’t end just yet. While Neil Patel’s SEO Analyzer or Hubspot’s Website Grader are pioneers in this space, there are other tools like RoboAuditor, which allow you to brand the tool as your own. It increases the trust perception and unifies the way you brand this key tool that you embed from a matching provider.

It Costs Me Almost Nothing

Automated software for digital marketing like the SEO audit tools sometimes cost you a fortune, as you try to balance your expenses and manage customer expectations while building your business. Tools like the RoboAuditor are built, keeping the interests of businesses across different sizes in mind, including SMEs.

They are geared to help them quickly identify the pros and cons of their client’s organic strategy, and do it at scale in a cost-efficient manner. We believe that if you are able to convert one lead into a regular-paying customer, you would have got the returns on the periodic investment of an audit tool.

Furthermore, the possibilities to create a business opportunity by choosing to assess and recommend enhancements to your client’s SEO strategy are improved by using the tool available with you. Essentially, you are creating brand visibility in a space that is currently new but something that is reaping enormous dividends.

Proven 4x+ Lead Generation Machine

Mapping an organization’s sales strategy is critical to its success, not just its survival. In this journey, innovation and thinking on one’s feet helps stay above the rest. The 
SEO audit tool is a revolution in today’s generation because of the enormous interest and engagement that vendors across the industry have witnessed.

Create a target list of websites, assess their reports, annotate aspects that need improvements, and offer your services to the customer. This strategy of identifying problems your prospects probably didn’t know about, along with how you could address them builds authenticity and credibility as an expert in the marketing space. The industry regularly sees enormous leads generated, and businesses using such tactics have grown manifold.

With content marketing becoming a cluttered space, and many stakeholders marring the industry with spam-intended content or ill-researched material, the returns from this domain is diminishing, and marketers struggle to understand how to keep up targets that were easily attainable before.

The SEO audit tool strategy is a transformative way to address the interest of prospects and current customers who haven’t tested this method out. The 
RoboAuditor tool, for example, is a validated tool in the market that offers insights from 70+ SEO factors that matter, offers customization capabilities, and can be embedded on your website with your branding and thematics. Get in touch with us to know how to scale your lead numbers and re-launch your business.

RoboAuditor is an Embeddable SEO Audit tool that generates 4X more leads with the traffic you already have.



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