Stillwater CSA Community Advisory Group

Western Forest Products and Island Timberlands

Membership List

Effective December 4, 2018

Name Primary Interest Second Interest Third Interest
Jane Cameron Community Stability Environment General Sustainability
Mark Anderson Environment General Community Stability General Public
Dave Hodgins Recreation - Non Commercial Community Stability Tourism
Cindy Elliot Municipal Government Sustainability Local Business
Wayne Brewer Sustainability Tourism Community Stability
Rory Maitland Contractor Salvage Harvesting Sustainability
Mark Hassett Contractor Community Stability Hydro Electric Power
George Illes Sustainability Community Stability Health and Safety
Barry Miller Sustainability Community Stability Recreation (non-commercial)
Clay Brander Regional District Recreation - Non Commercial Environment General
Doug Fuller Forest Licensee Community Stability Environment General
Tom Koleszar Sustainability Recreation (non-commercial) Academia
Bill Maitland Local Business Sustainability Community Stability
Joseph McLean Recreation (non-commercial) Environment General Local Business
Paul Goodwin Sustainability DFA Worker Community Stability
Ben Berukoff Sustainability Salvage Harvesting Guide Outfitting
Andy Payne Youth, Education, Employment Environment General Tourism
Val Thompson