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Prevent Invalid Email Address right at the door !!
RoboAuditor has introduced first of its kind feature wherein we prevent all the invalid, spammy, disposable, junk email addresses at the door itself. Yes, we validate them real-time and not even let them generate any SEO report from your website. 
Let's see how we do it. You will see all the options in Email Validator section.
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1.Block Email Domains

 If your business decided not to entertain the guys who use the disposable email addresses like your mail or others, then this section is for you.
Just go to Block Email Domains, activate the feature, and provide the domains which you do not want to be accepted at all. This way, RoboAuditor will prevent all the ones which are mentioned here. They will not even get the SEO Report 🙂

2.Blacklist Email Address:

 If your business is getting spammed by certain specific email addresses, then Roboauditor has a solution for you.
Just go to Block Email Address, activate the feature, and enter the email addresses which you wish to block. Once done, Roboauditor will check the email address entered in the SEO Audit Form and if its one of the blacklisted ones, it will be blocked at the SEO Audit form level itself.

3. Prevent Invalid Domains:

This is one of the most powerful features. RoboAuditor checks for the correctness of the email address real-time. This way, any user giving the invalid email addresses like [email protected], etc. will be blocked at the form itself.
Just go to Prevent Invalid Emails and activate the feature. RoboAuditor will make sure all invalid email addresses are kept at bay.
You can check all your invalid email addresses in the Blocked Leads Section 🙂
Try out the features now and verify the email address on the go !! 

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