Installing RoboAuditor on ClickFunnels
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By following the below steps mentioned, You can now embed RoboAuditor on ClickFunnels in a simple way.
Step 1: 
Login to ClickFunnels Account.

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Step 2:
Go to settings and click on the Tracking Code option.

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Step 3:
RoboAuditor code is a combination of both script and HTML code.
Copy the script code of RoboAuditor and paste it into the Tracking code. Script code start from <script id to </script> 

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Step 4:
Go to All and search for HTML code option and click on it

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Step 5:
Then click on the open code editor
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Step 6:
Paste the RoboAuditor HTML code in CUSTOM JAVASCRIPT / HTML. HTML code start from <center> to <center>

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