Facebook + RoboAuditor 

A Lead Generation Machine for your Digital Business!! 

Yes, Facebook and RoboAuditor combination is a Lead Generation Machine. You can now generate the leads for just $1.
We have many of our customers generating leads using new and innovative ways, and this is one of the ideas, and we would love to share it with you all 
RoboAuditor is an embeddable, White Label SEO Audit Tool. Now you can generate leads like Website Grader of HubSpot and SEO Analyzer of Neil Patel.
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Enough of introducing ourselves !! Let's get into the details.
We have created a paid ad in Facebook with the following details (provided stepwise below) 

Step 1: 

We created a Facebook ad campaign with Objective: Traffic 

Step 2:

Following images were put in a carousel 
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Step 3:
We have targeted the specific audience with interests in entrepreneurship, small business owners, online stores. You can, of course, even put it to the particular industries or some other criteria which you feel suit your business. But initially let it be broad and then you can narrow it down.
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Step 4: 
Put a friendly landing page that has the RoboAuditor on it. We have created one, and this is how it looks 

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Step 5: 
Put up some daily budget. For the experiment, we just put $5 per day. 
Step 6: 
Wait for a day and start seeing the magic !! Our results. 
Funnel :
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Out of 80 Link Clicks, we have generated 42 Leads i.e. 42 people did free SEO Audit by sharing the URL and Email Address 🙂 

Facebook + RoboAuditor = Cost Per Lead is Just $1.

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