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Generating Organic Traffic is still No 1 Priority for all the Businesses out there across the world. It is very well proven with the fact that the number of Jobs with “SEO” keyword is exponentially increasing by every passing day. You can check in your local job sites, LinkedIn Job Postings etc. 
Challenge For Marketers: Content Pollution 
There is already a hell of content produced on SEO ( awesome as well as pathetic content) and you ranking high on the competitive keywords will, of course, take a lot of time. 
The biggest problem for most of the startups or medium-size agencies is the lack of leads. If the sales funnel is weak, we take “Toxic Clients” and that is like the first nail for the coffin.
Be Innovative. Don’t waste your money on e-books. Invest in the lead magnets which can generate traffic and also the generate leads. 
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Do You Know? 
  • HubSpot generated 4 Million Leads through Website Grader (A SEO Audit Tool)

  • Neil Patel generates thousands of leads every day through SEO Analyzer (A SEO Audit Tool)
How can you do:
  • Yes, you too can do it without burning a lot of money in building one for your business.

  • RoboAuditor is an Embeddable White Label SEO Audit Tool. Just put it on to your website and start converting 4X More Leads

  • How to Make Most of RoboAuditor to Generate Traffic

  • Make some interesting banners and do Email Marketing, Social Media Posts, Social Media Paid Ads and see the magic!! 
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Ex: This banner has generated thousands of individual business leads for Growth Robotics. It is a tried and tested one. You can try this one out and make more innovative banners too. You can also use similar headlines in your email marketing campaigns and get high open rates. 
For Facebook Ads & Google Ads
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For Email Marketing
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