Title Tag

What is Title Tag?

A title tag is used in the HTML code to define the title of a web page. If you were to Google for, say “learning html”, here are what the search engine might show as results. The clickable headline of every search result is the text contained within the title tag in its HTML code.

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Why Is Title Tag Important?

1. Usability

The title tag specifies the heading of the web page and is a concise description of the content of the page. It is used to indicate an describe the search result accurately

2. SEO

Title tags are displayed prominently on the search engine results page (SERPs) and are critical in determining the ranking of a web page 

3. Social Sharing

The title tag is what gets displayed as anchor text when a web page is shared on social media

Best Practices To Create Good Title Tag?

1. Keyword

Use the keyword/s in the title itself. Not only does this help capture the main essence of the article or web page it is also a key determinant in deciding the ranking of a web page in the search engine results. Keep the important keywords towards the first half of your headline followed by any secondary keywords. This makes it easier for the reader to recall what your content is about.

2. Characters Limit

There is no limit to how many characters must be contained within the title tag. However, for optimal results, it is recommended to keep the title under 60 characters for the title to be displayed properly by Google.

3. Keyword Stuffing

Don’t overstuff your title tag with the primary keyword. Not only does this look unnatural, but it also results in bad user experience.

4. Unique

Every web page on your website should have a unique title. While indexing your website and its web pages, Google takes the title tag into consideration. If two pages have the same title, it is likely to confuse as to which page should be displayed by the search engine when a keyword is entered.
HTML Code of Title Tag?

The HTML code for a title tag is as shown below 


<title> Sample Headline </title> 


Things To Keep In Mind?

  1. You can only have one title tag element in your HTML code 
  2. If you do not use the title tag, your document will not get validated as an HTML page 
  3. The title tag is always contained within the head tag of the HTML document 
  4. Google can sometimes override your title tag, say if there is excessive keyword stuffing. In this case, it will render information based on the meta description and the content of your webpage.

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